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Happy mom

on January 25, 2012

Happiness is measured not by the weight of material abundance you have in your life – hence, if you kept comparing your life with that of others’- how much wealth you had, richness of material treasures and lavish lifestyle…then pathetically, you are indeed very poor and unproductive. True happiness is simply what your heart is saying. It is beyond magnitude of any sophisticated wealth and richness – hence, if you wake up each morning feeling grateful for the unfolding of another day, excited and happy to see what this day will have to offer, when you can still smile and feel richness deep down inside your heart amidst meager resources and riches in reality, when you can brush a kiss to each of your family member’s forehead and say the ILY with no reservations at all, when you prune the plants dying leaves with appreciation for the help it gives to pave the way for regeneration of new healthy ones, when you are sweating all day not because of an expensive health program in a gym but of untiring mopping of the floors in your entire house and the constant, regular domestic chores you are so obligated, and the many others that many of us so reluctantly embraced – all these, yet with a BIG heart still grateful and happy – – – this I believe is what happiness is. Especially when even in silence, you are able to feel grateful seeing others happy in their own lives and at a distance, you keep your own life, not prying to others’ lives, but instead praying that others may also feel the same richness of a happy life. Again, this I believe, is what happiness is – in its truest sense.Image


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